Video & Videography – The Art of ‘Living Photographs'
By Shawn Alyasiri, Renaissance Audio Video

Video – what a wonderful medium. We all love watching our favorite programs, movies,
documentaries, and even the news. Digital video is a part of our everyday lives, and it allows us
to view our special events as many times as we want, privately, and with friends and relatives
near and far.

We’re fortunate to have this technology, as it allows us to record our important moments in time,
and to revisit them whenever we like. We’re lucky, but perhaps we sometimes take this luxury
for granted, or underestimate its full potential for special events.

Considering the importance of your special day, ask yourself this simple question: “Should my
wedding be professionally captured on video?”. Weekly I meet and work with clients who clearly
answer “Yes.” Curiously, many people never consider the option, forget to book services until
the wedding is nearly underway, or simply entrust their special day to the care of a relative who
owns a small camera.

Professional video is an art and a science, much like professional photography. A professional
event-videographer works next to your photographer, possessing precision camera instruments,
calibrating and choreographing shots in demanding shooting conditions. Similar to your
photographer and their ‘still’ camera, a professional videographer captures crisp digital images
throughout your events, with video equipment that records at a rate of 30 stills/frames a second.
This can add to be more than 200,000 frames in your final video, of which any still can be
located and edited with precision. The events you and your guests will see and hear that day
are captured in total, and are combined, edited, and presented in an eloquent sequence, ready
for you to enjoy at your convenience on VHS and DVD.

Professional audio and video is indeed a very expensive craft. Have you ever seen an $8,000
video tripod, $10,000 lens or $40,000 camera? Perhaps not in real-life, but you do see the results of this caliber of equipment every day when tuning into news and local broadcast channels. Through time, perhaps just by watching local and network programs, you have come to expect a superior level of quality in your videos. Even an untrained eye and ear will recognize the difference between a professional audio video production, and one shot with smaller hand-held cameras. It is with this high-end broadcast-quality equipment and experience that a professional event-videographer will provide you with a production that contains rich color, smooth and fluid framing and picture stability, with consistently remarkable audio and video clarity.

Video production requires dedication to the event, as well as the art. An experienced
cameraperson with professional equipment is able to precisely measure and compensate for the
sound and lighting constraints churches, sanctuaries, and reception halls inherently have by
design, layout, and logistics. Again, when you hire an experienced production company for your
wedding, you are purchasing a professional video production. The focus is on you and your
special events, and the quality will be instantly apparent.

Lastly, your day is special, so be sure to audition your videographer before committing to their
services. This includes a detailed discussion of your overall wishes, the specific details of your event, and most importantly, a detailed viewing of their work - preferably footage shot in the same locations as your events. They should be more than happy to display previous production examples, show you exactly what they can do for you with their equipment, and confirm their availability and pricing.

After months of planning and anticipation, your day will finally come. You deserve to be
relaxed, and to be able to completely enjoy the experiences your special day brings. Hiring a professional videographer and production company ensures you’ll have a detailed documentary of your special events that you are sure to enjoy for years to come.


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