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After more than a decade, hundreds of professional events, thousands of satisfied customers, and over $1 million re-invested into broadcast assets for our clients, Renaissance continues to be the first choice for families requiring impeccable ceremonial representation – this has always been one of our greatest honors and accomplishments.

Our clients and their wishes have always been of the most importance to us, and it has been our pleasure to serve them. We would be equally honored to assist you with your plans for your special day.

All wedding packages and footage are shot in true native High Definition formats, with national-caliber acquisition instruments (ie: National Geographic, Discovery HD, American Idol, NASA HD, and more). This level of quality and service to wedding production is unique even on a national level. Our business overhead is solely in our premium broadcast assets, and we will always pass you the highest quality we can at the greatest savings to you. This is a very special event, you are the critic, and you most certainly deserve this level of expert attention and commitment.

Of course, we have always worked tirelessly for every client’s satisfaction, and for their artistic expectations. We're honored by their trust, and we so appreciate the continued compliments we receive on our products and our integrity. We would be truly honored to be a part of your special events.

Please examine the following packages and options for your consideration:


"Our Perfect Ceremony"- Intro Gold

  • Ceremony:
    • A ‘special request’ package that yields a very thoughtful production based around your important ceremonial events .
    • Meticulous and artistic editing of all ceremonial events for your final program .
    • Technical Details? Ask anytime! One true-broadcast 2/3" 3CCD native High Definition studio digital video camera system (NOT 'HDV' - we use true 2/3" 4:2:2 DVCProHD & 10-bit professional AVC-Intra HD recording instruments) - these are the same HD systems we rent nationally for TV programs, concerts & corporate events). A $75,000 camera? Indeed - you’ll look beautiful, and naturally (and nationally) fantastic…
    • Two (or more) broadcast UHF wireless lavalier microphone systems placed on the groom and officiant (with respectful permission) for robust altar audio.
    • Studio condenser microphone(s) - clear capture of readings, music/soloists, and additional ceremonial ambience
    • Live monitoring and engineering of all wedding audio & video to native HD 1080i/p digital media (multi/safety backup)
    • Over $100,000 of recording/monitoring equipment onsite, placed professionally and without obstruction to your venue or your guests – you can always trust the Renaissance production style, and our obvious visual advantages. We work very hard so that you won’t see us – but we promise we’ll see you…
  • 3 Mastered Wedding DVD's (DVD-R Format)
    • Professionally authored DVD with Dolby Digital soundtrack
    • Stunning picture quality and an excellent medium for legacy footage preservation, as well as options for native HD delivery.
    • Specifically coded chapter points for quick access to special segments
  • All inclusive package - event preparation, engineer contracting (as necessary), rehearsal walkthrough (as available), in-town travel, equipment monitoring, teardown, etc. (no taxes or hidden fees)

custom, from $1189.00


Videography Package #1 – Broadcast HD Camera ceremony & reception

A very popular and inclusive package that yields a crisp, artistic, and cinematic program based around your important day’s events – footage includes pre-ceremony, formal ceremonial, and formal reception events. This package builds on the 'Intro Gold’ package above, plus it adds the following production and editing components:

  • Pre-Ceremony footage:
    • Ad-hoc handheld coverage as you prepare, guests arrive, decorations, special moments/messages, etc.
    • Fully-edited High Definition footage, perfectly setting the stage for the your Ceremony
  • Ceremony:
    • All ceremonial production elements described above, of course including our 2/3" 3CCD native High Definition, true-broadcast digital video camera system. Rich color, incredible clarity, robust audio, tasteful edits, and gorgeous/cinematic depth-of-field – we can’t wait to show you…
  • Reception:
    • Attentive engineering and capture of your important reception events (ie: grand entrance, cutting of the cake, toasts, formal dances, garter toss/bouquet, and ad-hoc shots throughout the evening). Of course and like your ceremony, all of these events are shot in dynamic & cinematic HD 1080i/p formats.
    • Mobile dolly system for quick reception coverage, and a unique, steady, and flowing 'point of view' style of framing/capture
    • Modest and non-offensive on-camera lighting instruments, allowing stunning picture quality, even in the darkest shooting conditions
  • Recap Photo/Video Sequence:
    • Special collection of video frames/stills and/or special video moments hand-selected while editing. A lovely and artistic visual recap of the day's events!
  • 4 Mastered Wedding DVD's (DVD-R Format)
  • All inclusive package - event preparation, engineer contracting (as necessary), rehearsal walkthrough (as available), in-town travel, equipment monitoring, teardown, etc. (no taxes or hidden fees)

from $2279.00

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Videography Package #2 – HD Dual-camera ceremony/Single-camera reception

A dedicated and very well choreographed team provides you with a truly artistic and cinematic program based around your important day’s events – including pre-ceremony, formal ceremonial, and formal reception events. This package builds on all packages above, plus it adds the following production components:

  • Ceremony:
    • An added professional videographer works in a team to cover additional angles and yield you additional and unique visual opportunities from your special ceremonial events. We only use professionals who have years of broadcast field experience (ie: news, corporate, international coverage – and of course weddings).
    • Additional post-production editing to enhance your final video program. This includes multiple angles of view, experienced shooting styles, and a smooth, flowing presentation hand-picked frame-by-frame from the best shots available.
    • Two true-broadcast 2/3" 3CCD native High Definition digital video camera systems providing unrivaled imagery. Close-ups, wide-angles, smiles, tears and kisses… You’ll look incredible…
    • This is a skilled team hired to professionally capture your special ceremonial events – there is a difference, and we are continually complimented on our style, artistry, and respect to all events. With this popular package, our clients confidently secure over $175,000 of recording/monitoring equipment onsite, placed without obstruction to their venues or their guests. It's a great opportunity - we'd love to work for you...
  • 4 DVD Copies of the final production
  • All inclusive package - event preparation, engineer contracting, rehearsal walkthrough (as available), in-town travel, equipment monitoring, teardown, etc. (no taxes or hidden fees)

from $3349.00

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Additional Items & Information:


Need more copies of the production?

Additional copies of your full production are available at very reasonable pricing - as singles or in bundles shown below:

Additonal single copies - VHS: $15, DVD: $20

Need more or a custom bundle - call for a custom quote!

Native HD Delivery – BluRay!! Please call for specifics. We’d love to provide you with a native HD copy of your program!

Special bundle requests are certainly welcomed, and special bundle rates are available.

Memory collages & additional photos

We create custom collages, where your favorite photos are scanned, cropped, and set to dynamic motion, all to the length and cadence of the selected music score. This is a painstaking process with beautiful results, and this service is only offered to our special wedding clients.

Of course, our clients often have us prepare these collages in advance of their wedding date, so they can show them at their rehearsal dinner, or on a Renaissance projection system at their reception. We'd love to help!

The typical song length we see/recommend is around 3:30 to 4:15, which yields a smooth and flowing motion collage for 33-37 (average) photos per song. If you are planning to show the collage at your reception, we recommend not going over a total of 3 songs (approximately 100 photos). Friends and family just love these, and you'll love their applause!

Memory photo/video collage authoring - custom per project.

Custom recaps, love stories and overall programs

Our packages have always been known for the amount of coverage, emotion, and attention included in the final program. Of course, some clients request additional production segments (especially after seeing our custom work), including custom recap videos, interviews, pre-production love stories, and more. We’d be pleased to accommodate your wishes to make your day perfect, including edits to be formally presented to your guests at your reception. Please contact us for a custom quote, and we’ll look forward to having you audition our footage.

Show your footage - BIG TIME!

Would you like to display your custom photo collages and your ceremony footage to your guests at your reception? We provide you with a robust 7-8 foot (or larger) high-output color video projection system to your reception for just $275 (fully installed and removed post presentation). Please contact us to learn more about the exciting details of our extensive playback capabilities, or for the availability for even larger screens! *Click here to learn more about our projection options


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