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More than just a "Wedding Video" - You deserve it!

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Your plans are made, and your special day is coming... Important events are scheduled, and precious moments will unfold. How couldn't you trust these priceless memories to be recorded forever by a true-broadcast production service, dedicated to the professionalism and artistry you deserve?

With any production, experience in the art, a well-trained eye, and flawless equipment is key. With Renaissance, you have the unique opportunity to secure a 'videographer' who also serves as a Senior Director of Video for a Fortune 25 company. In addition, we contract professional camera crews to be a part of our team, dedicated to your ceremony and special events. We have over a decade of wedding production experience and a passion for our unique & cinematic style of video production. We boast the most complex operation and equipment set we know of, and pride ourselves in knowing we will get our shots for you every time. The day and it's events go by very quickly, and we're there every step as a trusted resource, to capture them for you to treasure for years to come.




There is a clear difference in using our services, and so many reasons to seek them... We're honored that our clients continually rave about our productions - remarking upon the artistry, clarity of the audio and High Definition video, as well as how comprehensive the day's footage is included in the final program. We have spared no expense, and we uniquely utilize some of the top video acquisition assets available in the world. Prior to your events, we meet with you to evaluate how to work within your wishes and itinerary, and of course, without any obstruction to your venues. When you hire Renaissance for your wedding, you are securing our professional experience, expertise, and artistic advantages. We pre-choreograph our shots, calibrate our instruments, and record your events in a clean, scripted format. Our productions are generously priced (click) for you, and we work extremely hard on the productions that you deserve. We can be copied, but not duplicated... With Renaissance you will have the unique advantage of securing a true production team that will place a minimum of $90,000 of digital High Definition video recording equipment onsite carefully focused on you... You'll look fabulous...





You are a very well qualified video critic for an exceptionally important event! It could be easy to make the wrong choice, so we have always strongly encouraged you to audition other vendors prior to contracting any formal production services. Take notes, study the composition, and compare the artistry and quality provided - we're confident you'll immediately see the advantages of our services. Additionally, we encourage you to ask around... We are not a 'new video' service, and chances are that your photographer, banquet/wedding coordinator or other vendors and friends are very familiar with Renaissance and our services and reputation. We recognize and appreciate the fact that your wedding video is an investment, and we are truly dedicated to your production. Please check our testimonials - Renaissance has been trusted for over a decade, with an impeccable reputation for providing treasured productions..




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Simply roll your mouse over the 'photos' on this page, and double-click. We are proud to say that they are actually 'frames' taken from our digital wedding videos - some shot more than 100 feet away in low light conditions. Just imagine what our production capability can do for you and your events! Please call us at 309-662-5184 so we can show you examples from our happy customersa, and so we can send you with our extensive wedding demonstration DVD so you can closely study our footage at your comfort and convienience. You can't wait? Click HERE to view a short sample online! Likewise, click the link below to study the various packages we offer, and check out our FAQ's. We truly believe you'll agree with our philosophy and style, and that you'll instantly notice and approve of our artistic and technical advantages. It is simply our pleasure and honor (and job!) to help you plan, choreograph, and capture the memorable events of your special day!



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