Renaissance Frequently Asked Questions (Wedding FAQ's)

We decided to list some questions that we occasionally hear from clients to assist you with your planning. Of course, we'd love to talk to you in person to answer any questions you may have. Please call us at 309-662-5184, or email us to discuss your specific questions and event details. We'd love to hear from you.

How Much is your deposit?

We respectfully request a deposit of 25% of the total services you book at signing to formally secure the day for you. We don't require any installments thereafter, and request that the remaining balance be paid in full the day of the event.

We'd like to Book with you! What do we do now?

Great! We can cover this over the phone, email, or you can come in and we can fill the contract out in person. Basically we will be looking for the following information:

First & last names of the Bride & Groom (and any other 'care of' names)

Relevant mailing address

Phone numbers (daytime, evening, cell)

Event Location (ceremony & reception) & times

Video package you wish to book, and any other options

Other vendor/personnel information (Priest/Pastor name, DJ, photographer, etc)

After we get everything filled out, take a look through it, and you'll sign & date the contract, and secure your deposit. That's it, and you're set with a date locked in. We'll confirm details throughout the season, and certainly before your wedding. We'll look forward to working with you!

When do we need to supply photos?

We would like to get our hands on the photos at least 8 weeks prior to your event, especially if you plan on showing it at your reception. Please number them (carefully on the back with a stick-it note, or ink that won't run, bleed, or damage other photos) in the order you'd like them presented. Please bundle them together in a stiff envelope, so that no harm can come to them.

How long does it take to finish our production?

There are no shortcuts with Renaissance... We are proud to say that we always spend time with your cherished footage and the final production. However, we know you can't wait to see it, so we aim for delivery of the final productions (VHS & authored DVD's) to be 4 weeks from the event date, rarely later, many times before. If we are waiting for any photographs or other content from you, it will delay the production accordingly. We'll always update you with project status, especially when we're in our busy sections of the season. It seems like we're always shooting and editing, so we get these back to you to enjoy as soon as we can, with full artistic attention.

What format do you shoot on, and are there backups?

We record on broadcast-quality, 2/3" 3 CCD digital and High-Definition video cameras. However, we offer a clear difference by utilizing some of the most involved systems for video acquisition in the nation (and world). These are not mega-store, or prosumer models (which can be categorized as 3 CCD as well). These are true broadcast-quality systems that are manually calibrated and engineered (manual focus, exposure, audio, color & more), and have true broadcast standard and high-definition lenses, balanced audio, and fluid-tripod instruments. Our most 'basic' package utilizes tens of thousands of dollars in field equipment. Want to compare? The camera tripod system we utilize at your ceremony costs 2-3 times (or more) what some others may spend on their cameras, and our lens costs more than what many spend on their entire business... Does anyone locally bring over $70,000 worth of recording equipment to your ceremony on their 'intro package' - How about in the United States?

That's only the beginning... We spent more than $200,000 in 2005/2006 just to 'study' HD... This isn't for bragging rights... It's simple - we won't risk our client's footage, we want to offer the best we can, and our investments are returned by their business. Wedding venues are dark, and we shoot from distances very far away so we're not an obstruction to you or your guests. We capture remarkable images in very harsh environments, with smooth motion and artistic framing and composition. Please check out our work - any wedding. We'd be honored if you did. Please consider out testimonials as well.

Backups? Absolutely - of course - this is essential! At a minimum, we have a 2 to 3-way backup system. Some of our packages entail a 6-way backup, utilizing tapes, hard drives, precision memory cards, onsite editing techniques and more. Electronics are awesome, but they can ocassionally fail - we will not. Take comfort knowing we always will have your special wedding footage captured for you - every frame, every time.

We've spoken with someone that will shoot for $x - will you?

We appreciate this question very much, as we're all very big on finding the best service for the best price, right? Our prices on our wedding packages have been carefully considered, to pass on the maximum quality and artistic advantages to our customers, at an honest price, while still maintaining our business. We contract a dedicated and event-proven staff, coming from local news stations and corporate video production departments. Likewise, we utilize superior field equipment, which is true broadcast-quality, as well as editing platforms that have cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars (actually more than $1/2 million), and we make it available to you on your wedding productions. We have always been proud to offer this unique level of service, and we always will...

Additionally, we have always encouraged clients to study demonstrations from proposed vendors and to compare the quality, clarity, artistry and style and composition. We spend anywhere from 40-60 hours (or more) on each client's production, providing our clients true video productions. Truth be told, with the equipment we utilize, the engineers we contract, and the time we spend on each production, our wedding pricing is a bargain and well under any industrial standard. Please remember, this same equipment and staff used nationally for concerts and corporate events. Considering the caliber of our production & operation, you are getting true video productions, with true industrial equipment, at a price that is less than 1/3 of the industrial rate.

We believe that others may charge you less, but they can't provide the same value. We are not new prosumers, hobbiests, or DJ's adding an added video service for extra money. We have been here for years, and we are truly dedicated to our customers and the quality they deserve. Our company has grown very quickly as a result, and we are so appreciative for the trust and business we continue to receive. Of course don't forget that our clients say they love our productions, and that they watch them repeatedly, even years later. Please check our testimonials, or certainly consider an unfortunate phone message we received:

"Hi. I know this may sound like an odd request, however since you're in video production in town, I was wondering if you knew how to get in contact with (*service*)? We have tried repeatedly to contact them about our wedding footage that they shot earlier this year, and we're starting to scramble after receiving no reply. If you know of additional ways to contact them, we'd appreciate it. Actually someone told us to call you when we were planning our wedding. I am now regretting that we did not - I guess this is the hindsight we face. Thanks again anyway".

Personal Note: Wow - how do you answer that?... Apparently, sometimes you don't get what you pay for, even if it's at an attractive price. You know, we have a number of friends and other vendors in this business that we have enjoyed working with throughout the years, and even a small few that we refer video business to. Hearing that someone has had trouble with a vendor is upsetting and very frustrating, specifically because I know how much time, money, and passion we personally spend on our own productions. I stress an important point again, please audition your services and footage, ask for demos/referrals, and make sure you like what you see and hear. Do they have websites, photos, or recent examples that detail their work and style? If they don't, why wouldn't they? Please study carefully... You know what you want, and you certainly know what you like. We proudly offer a unique production service, with a product designed to be a timeless treasure. We hope you agree.

The bottom line - you are a qualified video critic, and most importantly, you are an employer of a service for an incredibly special event. Please do your homework, as there is only one chance to capture your special wedding footage. Of course, enjoying that footage once you get it is an obvious advantage as well! The most expensive video production is one you don't like - no matter the price or bargain. Please be sure to audition our work - we would be honored if you would.

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