Renaissance Legal Services:

Media transfer, pre-trial preparation, all the way to onsite courtroom support - Renaissance is ready to assist you through your entire trial process.

We appreciate how vital visual presentations can be in the courtroom, and we have the staff and onsite experience to help you.

With Renaissance, you will find our dedication to your case strategy, as well as the meticulous construction and organization of your presentation data. We can provide you with quick recall of digital video depositions, syncronized deponent text, electronic document retrieval, and trial proven digital display options. Our equipment and expertise allows our clients to professionally present their cases, and receive the final results and awards they seek.





Your depositions are extremely important. It is vital that you shoot your depositions with a certified legal videographer that has the experience and equipment to capture all content and testimony, and quickly return it back to you with impeccable audio and video quality.

Additionally, we can transfer your recorded depositions to digital computer media files, allowing portability, backup, and quick recall of your footage. We transfer to virtually every widely used computer media format (AVI, WAV, MP3, MPEG-1, 2 or 4, WMV/WMA, CD/DVD-ROM and set top DVD authoring), and we have the ability to duplicate and distribute your data quickly for your review.




Likewise, we also have years of experience with trial preparation and presentation software, and we are well versed in the software suites considered the industry standard (Trial Director, Sanction II, TimeMap, and more). Our expertise comes from years of case & trial preparation, as well as additional software training acquired at these company's software training facilities.

Skilled use of these programs allows quick construction and authoring of your presentations, with unsurpassed access to your documents, depositions, and all of your other supporting information. You will leave a lasting impact in court, as your information will be presented in a logical sequence, with creative control and rapid exhibit recall to emphasize all of your important points.





Of course, Renaissance brings our years of event design to the table as well, carefully examining your courtroom logistics, and making our full audio/video inventory available to you. We appreciate the importance of your trial, as well as the venues your are presenting within. Everyone will see your content on equipment that is courtroom proven, and we will install and place everything in assured respect to the courtroom and it's staff.

Please contact us at 309-662-5184. We'd love to show you what we can do for your next case!