About Renaissance Audio Video

A short background... My name is Shawn Alyasiri, and I have dedicated my life to the study and science of audio, video, music, and multimedia production. Hired by State Farm Insurance, I have served for nearly two-decades as a Computer Analyst, Technical Instructional Designer, Multimedia Specialist, and Senior Director of Video production within their corporate Systems and Creative Services departments. Working on productions for a national audience is truly exhilarating!. Of course, bringing Renaissance to Bloomington a decade ago has been a most exciting endeavour & achievement, as well as an opportunity to work with an international client base. I've always believed in hard work, dedicated service, and continuous technical research. It has been so exciting watching our business grow and our reputation spread, now offering some of the most affordable true-broadcast High Definition video & multimedia productions & assets available.

We've been involved in hundreds of corporate, industrial, and ceremonial programs and events over the years, and I am always honored to have the opportunity to work with new clients every week. I hope the samples on the surrounding pages find you well, and we would certainly look forward to helping you plan your events!


Shawn Alyasiri & the Renaissance Audio Video team